Total Repair Service for Louboutin Shoes
Paint and Gloss Repair
Gripped Rubber
Gloss Repair
Total Repair Service for Louboutin Shoes
Total Repair Service for Louboutin Shoes
Total Repair Service for Louboutin Shoes

Total Repair Service for Louboutin Shoes

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Our total repair service is carried out by our Louboutin repair specialists that have years of experience with all styles of Louboutin Boots and shoes for men and women.

You can choose between 3 styles of repair: 

  • Replacement Gripped Rubber Soles.
  • Replacement Smooth Gloss Soles.
  • Paint Restoration and Gloss Finish. 


Please see pictures in our GALLERY to see the difference between repairs and more information below.  

Our paint restoration repair is the closest aesthetic to the original sole, as durable as Louboutin originals and less durable than our other options - a sublime finish which can be further protected with our sole protectors - which you can choose to apply once you receive your completed repair. 

Our gripped soles repair is what 'it says on the label' and provides far more traction than the original soles. 

Our Gloss Repair is highly durable like the gripped soles and has a smooth finish providing a beautiful aesthetic finish. 

Our total repair service consists of three main services:

• New red rubber soles will be fitter to the ball area of the shoe which means you will still have your designer logo this will not be touched *.  The red rubber is designed to protect your soles whilst providing additional grip to counteract the slippery nature of a painted sole. Your original soles may already be very much worn down, if this is the case you can add toe tips and our team of specialists will build up  the front of your shoes and completely restore them. OR, if you have selected Paint + Gloss we shall use our extensive paint/varnish method on the ball of your shoe*

• Replace your heel studs, you may have your originals in your little red bag please do include these if you would like us to use them, if not do not worry as we can provide new ones at no additional cost.

• Red Sole touch up includes the use of our touch up paint which has been matched using a spectrophotometer so that it blends with the Louboutin red to cover minor scuffs or scrapes to the heel and arch remaining red areas.

If you have any further damage to your heels such as peeled leather, we will make every effort to seal down and improve the appearance**

The Full Repair package is a thorough repair and clean of the entire shoe.


Add to your shoe box (if you don't have a printer, please just write your name and the service you purchased)



We recommend using the Royal Mail Special delivery service as they are insured for up to £500 and for a small fee you can increase the value of insurance depending on the price of your shoes. This method insures you can TRACK your product and insure it made it to us safely.

Futher Information
Please read our section about delivery for a guide on sending us your shoes.

Once we receive your shoes it takes upto 2/3 weeks (from the date we receive your shoes) to conduct the repair 

 If you have any specialist requirements including men shoe repairs, replace your  insoles, recover the front of your red shoes and much more  please get in touch with our team via email with your specialist repair requirements.

Available to UK customers only.

This service includes *FREE return delivery



Why not view our gallery of repaired shoes by clicking here

* At our cobbler's discretion, the decision may be made to cover the logo if soles are terribly worn or the soles needs to be extended further as is often the case with men's shoes or block heel boots.

If you have selected Paint + Gloss, we may decide your shoes are too worn for it to be an appropriate repair, in which case we shall email and offer an alternative. 

* Please note: BOOT orders need to select £10 delivery per pair to cover insurance via Parcelforce.

** We can only repair the leather upper superficially. We cannot replace leather - we can only use our colour matched touch up paint to improve. The success of our repair depends on the severity of the damage.