How much does it cost to resole Louboutins UK? 

Prices vary between £70 - £120 depending on whether you needs soles and heels or just heels. There will be further costs for add ons which average around £15 per service. 


What service do I need? 

If only your soles are damaged then we recommend REPAIR MY SOLES. 

If your heel tips, or on mens: heel area, need replacing we recommend REPAIR MY SOLES AND HEELS. 

If only your heel tips need replacing: REPLACE MY HEELS.


Which Sole repair should I choose? 

All of our Louboutin repairs are suitable for most shoes - men and women. 

Our Gloss rubber repair and Gripped rubber are equally as durable as each-other and they have far longer longevity than the original soles. 

Our paint and gloss repair is also suitable for most shoes, however if the soles are very worn down and pitted you will need New leather soles which we then paint. 


Which service do we recommend? 

If grip is what you desire as Louboutin shoes can be slippery then our Gripped repair is perfect. If durability and longevity is what you desire then our Gloss and Gripped are both suitable  - Gloss soles are more aesthetically pleasing. 

If appearance is paramount then our paint repair is perfect as it will be the closest match to the original finish (especially with new soles underneath) . This repair is as delicate as the original sole therefore this sevice includes sole protectors which we send with your repaired shoes to apply. These can be reapplied to aid longevity. 


Do you cover the Louboutin trademark? 

No. All of repairs only repair up-to the logo so that the authenticity of your shoes stay in tact. In special circumstances where damage has gone over the logo we may need to cover some or repair. 


Which ADD ONs do I need? 

Leather Care : for torn leather on the heel stems - we are very limited on leather uppers. We can seal and paint damaged heel stems and when there is extensive damaged we may be able to replace your whole heel block (you will need to email for the latter) 

Toe Tips: for the tips of soles which have worn/ peeled away. Very common for stiletto shoes. These go under your chosen sole repair so they won’t be noticable. We replace with high quality leather. 

Heel Tips: If you don’t have your heel tips provided by Louboutin you can purchase ours. 

Suede care: For tired or worn suede uppers. We will revitalise and protect the suede. We may be limited on color variations if they need dying. 

New Leather Soles: If you orginal soles have worn down very thin or are extensively damaged, we will replace with high quality leather up-to the logo and then apply your chosen finish on top. 

Boots return: We cover tracked and insured postage home. For boots we need to insure for a higher amount and weight. We request this to cover half the return cost. 


How long will my repair take? 

On average we state 2 weeks for rubber sole repairs and 3 weeks for paint repair. We can often repair with a rubber quicker upon request. 

How do I get my shoes to you? 

All postage instructions will arrive in your inbox once ordered. We recommend Special Delivery. Please print your order form and place in the box. If for any reason you dont have access to a printer then just your order number in the box will suffice. 

We email you upon receipt. 

We send home free of charge. 

If you are local you can drop your shoes in, however please note this is head office (our postal address) and we are often out in our workshops - however our buildings front of house staff can receive your shoes and insure they get to us safely. We shall email you once we are back in office. 


What If I don’t know what I need ? 

We recommend you email us pictures for assessment . We will further assess upon receipt and let you know if you need further services. 


Do you have a phone number ? 

We don’t! The reason for this is office staff do not have the expertise to answer all questions, therefore all requests for information come via email which we then communicate to our cobblers for their expertise. 

As our workshops are quite noisy and busy with cobblers whose skills are needed on shoes and not necessarily customer service - they leave that up to us :) 

Will you take good care of my precious Louboutins? 


YES! We log all shoes that come in, we take pictures before and after, we email you upon receipt and when they are coming home. Our cobblers have a 150 years lineage of history in the industry with impeccable standards.