About Us

Red Soles was formed to provide an exceptional repair service for Christian Louboutin shoes. We are the only company in the UK that specialise only the repair of the famous red-soled shoes, as you know your beloved Louboutins are in a completely different league to high street shoes. We mainly advertise the repair of heels however we do repair Louboutin boots also, so if you have any special requests please do ask us and we will try and help.  

We have spent several months researching products to ensure everything we offer colour match to those luscious red soles.  Our replacement red soles and made from hard wearing, yet comfortable rubber which is a match to the colour of your red soles.  The red rubber sole will more than likely outlast the shoe, so once it is replaced you will have total peace of mind, style and comfort for the life of the shoe. The red-soles as you may also know can also be placed on your new or barely worn soles as a way to protect your soles before they start wearing beyond repair.

We also offer other products such as touch up paint, sole glue, touch up brushes and our total repair service.  Our total repair service is conducted by fully trained professionals who specialise in Christian Louboutin shoe repair and quality to ensure the highest standards.

If you have any further queries or questions then please feel free to email us on sales@red-soles.co.uk