About Us

Red Soles was formed in response to our customers dismay at wearing out their beautiful Red Bottoms in one wear with no idea how to restore!

We are advocates of high quality craftsmanship that lasts a life time.  Louboutins are exquisite quality, however, their soles are not designed for anywhere other than the red carpet! 

Unfortunately, the majority of us are not familiar with this lifestyle, but this shouldn't mean this cancels us out of the empowering feeling of owning a pair of these iconic beauties and wearing them confidence. 

This is where we come in - We have spent several years researching products to ensure everything we offer colour matches to the famous luscious red soles. Our replacement soles are sourced from expert manufacturers in Italy, they come in varieties of Gripped and Gloss; both are incredibly durable and will last many seasons. 

In addition, we have spent many years perfecting our Paint Restoration Service, which is the perfect antidote to partially worn soles which you'd like to enjoy continuing to reflect the aesthetics of the original finish.

We have a team of cobblers who have been in the industry for over 40 years; they are well equipped to restore not only soles - they can replace whole heel blocks and repair all sorts of misdemeanours! (think puppy chews, escalators, dance floors and more) 

We also offer a wide range of products for home repair and protection - Our sole protectors being one of our best selling products and highly recommended method to keep your new Soles in sublime condition. 

If you have any further queries or questions then please feel free to email us on sales@red-soles.co.uk