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Our red soles have been chosen carefully by our specialist team, especially for repair of Louboutin soles. Choose from our NEW Gripped soles or our Gloss Soles. 

Both variations are used by our cobblers in our workshop as the high-quality rubber provides long-lasting protection for your soles. The rubber soles provide a far better protection against general wear over the our red sole paint.

Our Gripped Italian leather provides excellent grip, and our gloss are superior in their appearance and aesthetic appeal. You can complete a repair at home (see also home repair pack) or get a well-trusted cobbler to fit these for you, alternatively, you can send your shoes to us and we'd be happy to fit them ourselves. Please look at our repair services if you'd like us to carry out this service. If you choose to fit these yourself in the comfort of your own home, we have a step-by-step fitting guide on our site that can guide you through all the steps.

Sole replacement is for both male and female shoes up to size 9. Don't worry if you have pointed stilettos as they are easily cut to size and shape. Take a look at our gallery to see our red soles fitted.

 If you require a larger size please email us as we can cut our gripped variety to size.

Product Details

Material: High quality Italian red rubber/ red mirror soles. 

Sole Dimensions: 1.0mm thick and 17 cm x 10.8cm. Will fit all shoes up to size 9 UK

Quantity: 1 pair

Buy 2 for £8.60 each and save 22%