Nude Touch Up Paint

Nude Touch Up Paint

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Nude Touch Up Paint for Louboutin's

Our Nude paint has been created by an acrylic paint specialist to repair damage to the heel leather of Patent Nude Louboutin shoes. The colour match is an essential part of our production process using a spectrophotometer so that it blends with the Patent Louboutin Nude.  However, as there are various Nude shades, some may not be a perfect colour match, it's incredibly difficult to source a replacement heel therefore our paint provides a superficial fix to touch up those ghastly tears and dents to heels. 

If you require paint for 'Patent Giveree' or Blush No2 then please contact us as we can arrange a colour match service. 


The paint is quick-drying water-based acrylic - estimate drying time is only 30 minutes. You may apply more than one layer depending on the damage. The method we use in our workshop is to apply the blended/ one colour paint to the scuffed leather, wipe away all excess paint around the damage, let it dry, reapply, and repeat as many times as needed. this ensures the damaged leather soaks up the paint and the surrounding area is left untouched.  



Product Details

Louboutin colour matched using spectrophotometer technology

Material: Water-based acrylic paint

Colour: Nude Size: 20ml

Drying time: In less than 30 minutes


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