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Secured Payment with Red Soles

Red Sole Paint for Louboutin's

Our red sole paint has been created by a acrylic paint specialist to bring the colour back to your Louboutins soles. The colour match is an essential part of our production process using a spectrophotometer so that it blends seemlessly with the Louboutin red. The paint is quick-drying water based acrylic which means it has that gorgeous red shiny finish to match your original soles. Estimate drying time is only 30 minutes. You may apply more than one layer depending on the desired outcome, this is also useful as the original soles get worn unevenly. Our fantastic paint can be applied to the red sole or the heel of your shoes to cover and chips, scratches or scrapes . Some people choose to paint the whole sole and you can keep doing this as often as you require. This paint can also be used to change your original shoe sole colour to the famous red soles.  

For more durable results, combine our paint with our Gloss Finisher for added protection and shine.



Product Details

Louboutin colour matched using spectrophotometer technology

Material: Water based acrylic paint

Colour: Vibrant red Size: 20ml

Drying time: In less than 15 minutes


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Exclusively manufactured red sole paint for Louboutin Soles