Deluxe Gift Pack

Deluxe Gift Pack

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Self love for you and your Loubs, or the perfect gift for a special someone. Our deluxe pack includes:


  • Sole Protectors,

  • Heel Protectors,

  • Red Touch up Paint,

  • Gloss Finisher, 

  • Paint Brush.

The material for our sole and heel protectors was originally designed to protect formula 1 cars from stone chips whilst traveling at over 200mph, so this hard wearing and high grip material will protect your shoes against all surfaces wear after wear.  This material can also be peeled off leaving no residue or marking to the original soles.

When applied this material is 100% see-through and will still show off your heels in full colour, but with the added protection to prevent scuff, scrapes and chips to the heel leather.

Our red sole paint has been created by an acrylic paint specialist to bring the colour back to your Louboutins soles. The colour match is an essential part of our production process using a spectrophotometer so that it blends seamlessly with the Louboutin red. The paint is quick-drying water-based acrylic which means it has that gorgeous red shiny finish to match your original soles.

Our Gloss Finisher provides extra protection for your newly painted soles. It assists in sealing in our touch up paint to your sole surface. It provides extra shine and shimmer, keeping your soles looking lustrous.