The finesse of a new Christian Louboutin shoe and the flash of a vibrant red sole is unparralled in the world of shoes.

Whether on the foot of a dapper male or a chic female....there is no denying an air of class, and passion for design that follows swiftly in the footsteps of these fashion pioneers.

However...chic and lacklustre do not mix; dapper and damaged do not correlate. So how can you protect your beloved Christian Louboutin's from looking anything other than fabulous?

First: Protection. Seal up those soles and heels with Red Soles Transparent Strip so you can hop, jump and skip without worrying about a chip! No one will ever know...until they ponder why your Louboutins have lustre longevitiy.
Second: If you've browsed our blog a little too late, and your soles are already looking a little worse for wear, then Red Soles Replace my Soles will take care of your shoes with the highest quality cobbler care and fitting of replacement red vibram soles which are a top match for the Louboutin red.
If you are feeling handy, you can always purchase our Home Repair pack and fit replacement soles yourself and use touch up paint for scratches and chips to soles and heels.
Then: If your Louboutins are getting out as much as they deserve then your heel tips will need a little TLC; Replace my Heel Tips will ensure your heels are fitted with the same professional application as CL specialists.
Next: Paint the town red! Our Red Soles paint will cover chips, scuffs and scratches so you can party with wreckless abandonment!
Finally: Its all about prevention. Live without regret.. Heel stoppers and heel sleeves will protect the delicate, intricate, archetypal Parisian design of the sleek stilletto. Pavements are unforgiving - soles and heel can be repaired, leather uppers cannot.
Love your Louboutins Longer!

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