So, you’ve got longed for lovely Louboutins…you place them on your  perfectly painted prepared feet, you step out in your favourite number…feeling a million dollars  and looking fine…only to realise as soon as your sultry soles touch the Earth they scrap, they scratch and screams of your soles seethes through you ears so unforgivingly you dare not look! When you do brave a peek as the evening comes to a close…it’s carnage. A sartorial nightmare. Your sublime soles look like someone insidiously took a brillo pad to them as you sat socialising in ‘feeling a million dollars bliss’!

So how do you prevent hurting your beloved Louboutins?

How to protect your Louboutin Soles: 

Place a protective transparent strip over the ball of the shoe. This is super simple and will protect the Louboutin sole from scraping across gravel. The protective strip will remain on in all weathers as long as it’s a thick durable type and not a thin phony phone cover…these are not designed for Talking not Walking! Cut well, no one will ever know they are there and they will substantially increase the life of the flawless red sole finish. 

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