So your soles are sorted…you step out feeling both marvellous and smug that you have that issue covered. Only to find that as you sway elegantly on your way, your heel stem stops stubbornly stuck between two paving stones…

Your heart stops as you gingerly withdraw your heel from the perpetrator  only to discover that the patent on your heel has peeled back like grated cheese…

 Awful. And so much more on display than your soles! 

So How to protect your Louboutin heels: 

Wrap them up. Wrap them finely and seamlessly in transparent heel strips.  Again, transparent and unnoticeable, but the correct material is a must. If it’s not strong enough your opposite foot will take an accidental swipe at it one day, slicing through it like a blade through the air. So we repeat…transparent phone covers are for soft fingers and silken cheeks …not chic, defined, razor edged Parisian heel tips. 

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