Christian Louboutin red soles are one of the most iconic designs in all of fashion: if you see a pair of soles with red shoes, you can pretty much tell without doubt who designed them. You can’t just see these gorgeous shoes on the catwalk, though: celebrities love them, too and many famous women have been spotted out and about in the famous red sole shoes. So, who’s a fan of these instantly recognisable items of footwear?

Well, it seems fairly safe to say that some of the biggest names in the world love them to pieces. Jennifer Lopez not only wears Louboutin red soles but also sings about them in one of her songs. Fellow singer Beyonce is also known to be a fan and has been seen wearing them. Janet Jackson has also been spotted wearing a pair of red sole Louboutins on the red carpet and Christina Aguilera is known to have worn them, too.
Moving away from singers and turning towards the movies, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair of red sole shoes in Sex and the City 2 – not much of a surprise considering how much SATC loves fashion! When such a trendsetting actress is wearing these shoes, you know they’re something really big. As well as SJP, gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie has also been spotted out in red sole shoes. And, if that wasn’t enough to lend them all the kudos they’ll ever need, chat show legend Oprah Winfrey has been seen wearing them on her TV show. 

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