Why can’t we throw away shoes?  Shoes that we don’t even wear!  But we just can’t part with…ones that we don’t even like anymore… and ones that we love.

It’s because they tell a story of our lives – a map of where we’ve been, the paths that we’ve trodden. Many a memory resides in the worn soul of our soles. 

There’s 8 pairs of shoes that every woman should own:

Black pumps.
Starting with the basics, every woman needs a pair of black pumps. Casual and sophisticated they cater for any occasion (and the times our little feet just can’t take any more height heat!)

Leather boots.
Classy yet practical, from going for a walk or going for lunch, they work both ways.
Platform wedges.
For the times you want to wear heels without really wearing heels. Easy to walk in and they make our legs look amazing too.

Patterned/ Decorative heels.
Wearing extravagant heels makes everyone feel empowered and like nothing can bring them down.

Ankle boots.
Easy to match with any outfit. Perfect for autumn and perfect with jeans.

Comfortable, practical, good to work out in…or just match with fancy leggings? 

Black heels
Go with literally anything, smart, casual, whatever, Essential for a wardrobe.

And of course, a pair of Christian Louboutins! But what pair?...well, your choice of pair tells your story without all the wear…so what’s your story?

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