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Secured Payment with Red Soles

Black Touch Up Paint for Louboutin's

Our Black paint has been created by an acrylic paint specialist to repair damage to the leather upper of Patent Black Louboutin shoes. The colour match is an essential part of our production process using a spectrophotometer so that it blends with the Patent Louboutin Black.  

Kiss goodbye to scuffed and scraped heel stems and chipped toes; our paint will cover tears and scratches, bringing your shoes back to their sublime selves.


The paint is quick drying water-based acrylic - estimate drying time is only 10-15 minutes. Just the same as painting your nails you may apply more than one layer depending on the damage. The method we use in our workshop is to apply the paint to the scuffed leather, wipe away all excess paint around the damage, let it dry, reapply, and repeat as many times as needed. this ensures the damaged leather soaks up the paint and the surrounding area is left untouched.  


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